Social Studies Project DUE 4/13

Carmichael – Social Studies
****Cover Page
should state student’s name, date, period and “TCAP Folder for Science”

Table of Content Page****

Definition Page-
Students will write down all definitions for 7th grade
Government and Civics – TITLE PAGE
7.4.1 Types of Governments
Student will create a table listing types of government.
Student will define government

7.4.2 Locate Governance Systems on Map
textbook page 92 – write questions and answer

7.4.3 Political Boundaries in Tennessee
Student will draw political boundaries in TN and add information.

7.4.4 Identify Political Leaders
Identify political leaders from selected contemporary settings (i.e., United States, India, Canada, Mexico, Great Britain, Russia, and China)
Students will list popular political leaders from the countries listed – past and current

7.6.2 Individuals’ Contributions to Societal Welfare
Use handout from governments to list all of the rights of a United States citizen

7.6.3 Government Response to Global Issues
Use handout from government to list information about the United Nations
*** Write on separate page what the European Union is and the countries that make it up** use textbook

Quiz #1

7.2.1 Basic Economic Concepts
Define various types of economies
–market economy, free enterprise, capitalism, communism, socialism
—what is NAFTA—
–economic terms

7.2.2 Renewable vs Nonrenewable Resources
TB page 68-71 & Handout – Students will list and draw examples of nonrenewable and renewable resources

7.2.4 Interpret Economic Issues
Students use textbook and select at least countries and economic issues facing them (South Africa, United States, their choice)

7.2.5 Major Resources in Tennessee
Use TN booklet and make a map of its major resources and locations
Page 24-25

QUIZ page

Physical Geography
7.3.1 Basic Map Elements
—list map elements TB page H6-H7 – draw an example of each

7.3.5 Natural Resources in Tennessee
–use TN book pg9-10 – list all of TN natural resources, draw an example of each

7.3.6 Lines of Latitude and Longitude
— define latitude and longitude
—list and write locations of – prime meridian, equator, int’l date line,
North Pole, South Pole, Tropic of Cancer, Tropic of Capricorn, Arctic
Circle, Antarctic Circle
—cut and paste a map with these identified

7.3.7 Largest Cities in Tennessee
–create a chart of TN’s largest cities  page 26 in TN book

7.3.9 Location of Water and Landforms
students should list the location of Earth’s major landforms and bodies of water (Rockies, Andes, Himalayas, Alps, Urals, Sahara desert, Nile River Valley, Great Plains, Mississippi River, Amazon River, thames River, Seine River, Rhine River, Danube River, Tigris River, Euphrates River, Ganges River, Volga River, Yellow River

7.3.10 Geographic Characteristics
Discuss water pollution, immigration, settlement

7.3.11 Physical Processes on Earth’s Surface
Recognize specific physical processes that operate on the earth’s surface (i.e., erosion, volcanoes, earthquakes, wind and water currents, plate tectonics, and weathering).
—use textbooks – use illustrations
7.3.12 Physical Regions of Tennessee
Draw a map of TN’s physical regions –TN book page 6

7.3.15 Map Scale, Distance, & Direction
***Draw a small map of your neighborhood

7.3.17 Time Zone Maps
Paste the time zone map and write the names of at least 3 states in
Each zone

Human Geography – TITLE PAGE
7.1.1 Cultural Definitions
Define the following – language, religion, customs, political system,
Economic system

7.1.2 Identify Cultural Information on Maps
draw the culture flower— do map activity

7.2.3 Demographic Concepts
Create vocabulary chart using Demographic handout – population,
Population distribution, population density, growth rate, family size
Infant mortality

7.3.4 Types of Communities
Define rural, suburban and urban.. give an example of each

7.3.13 Modifications to Physical Environment
Recognize definitions – global warming, deforestation, desert,
Urbanization – use textbooks – draw an example

7.3.14 Types of Maps
–make a chart of the different types of maps tb pg H8-H9

7.3.16 Discuss Cultural Diversity
what is cultural diversity

7.3.18 Consequences of Changing Physical Environment
—list water issues from textbook, mining)

7.3.19 Consequences of Population Changes
—complete Brainpop activity online
—write questions from quiz

7.3.20 Interpret Population Pyramid
—complete Brainpop activity online
—write questions from quiz

7.1.3 Major World Religions
Create religion chart – Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism,
Islam—listing leaders, origin

7.5.1 Causes/Consequences of Urbanization
Use handout to list causes and consequences of urbanization

7.5.2 Why People Settle in Various Places
use the book to write and answer questions—
–Why did Sumerians settle in Mesopotamia as early as 4000 BCE?
7.5.3 Impact of Water on Society’s Founding
List water issues

7.5.4 Causes/Effects of Change

7.6.1 Peoples’ Influence on Daily Life


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